It’s What is on the Inside that Counts

September 29, 2015

It’s what everybody says right? Especially in the body positivity world! Well I think they are wrong! There are two types of confidence: internal and external and some life coaches believe it is a one way street that you need to change the inside to make any progress but I completely disagree! It’s a circle, they both affect each other!

When I was in hospital, I was always down. One day, my nurse decided to paint my nails and when I looked, she had drawn tiny flowers with a toothpick. That small change in the external made a huge change on my attitude… It sounds silly but when you’ve not left a hospital in 3 months, it’s the small things that make the difference

With glandular fever, I’ve not been feeling my best and so today, I popped on a bright coloured dress, a bright lipstick and a fab necklace… And it sounds stupid but it changed how I felt! It gave me just that little bit more energy, because wearing clothes that make me look good, makes me feel good! For me, it has to tick three boxes: a dress, bright, comfy.

They come hand in hand! What makes you feel good? A bright lipstick, or comfy trackies ?

PS when I say wear something that makes you look good, I mean wear something that makes you look good according to YOU! I think I look great in a bikini, read the comments though and you will find many who disagree – but I love my body, doesn’t mean you have to 😉