13 Ways to Be Confident in the Skin You are in

October 13, 2015

Everywhere you look there are pictures and statements that are designed to make you feel insecure about your looks and your body and frankly we’ve had enough.
How many times have you started sentences with:
‘If only I was … skinnier? curvier? taller? Beyonce?’

Well… NEWSFLASH, you don’t have to change your body to start loving it.

1. Start moving
Exercise isn’t about weight loss. Exercise is about appreciating your body and the movement that you are capable of. No time? Five minute dance party.

2. Spend more time naked
There is no way you will ever be able to have sex with the lights on, if you can’t even look at yourself naked in the mirror. Spend some time each day getting comfortable in your own skin – even if it means just brushing your teeth naked.

3. Start accepting compliments
When someone compliments you, say thank you. It is that simple. Appreciate the compliment.

4. Smile more
Get those happy hormones pumping! Happy people smile more but more importantly people who smile more are happier and happy people are more confident. It all works together, and it’s time you start showing off those beautiful teeth of yours.

5. Stop being so mean to yourself
If you said the things you say to yourself everyday to your friends… you would have no friends. Start talking to yourself like you would talk to a child. You wouldn’t call a child ‘ugly’ or ‘disgusting’, would you?

6. Compliment yourself
Instead of just not being horrible, how about try being nice to yourself for a change? Look in the mirror and say at least one nice thing to yourself everyday.

7. Realise your body is the only home you have and it deserves respect
Your body has always been there for you, even when others have let you down. It’s time you started defending your body.

8. Only wear clothes that make you feel beautiful (and throw away the rest)
Let’s be honest, you were never going to wear that crop top anyway, and if you did wear it, you would be fidgeting all day. The clothes in your wardrobe shouldn’t be a daily reminder of the parts of your body you dislike.

9. Unfollow all those Instagram accounts and Facebook pages that keep telling you that your body isn’t good enough
You know which ones I am talking about. The ones that hashtag fitspo and thinspo. Comparison is not the way to attain weight loss and nor is feeling bad about yourself.

10. Surround yourself with people who see your beauty
If the people in your life don’t see your beauty, then you are surrounding yourself with the wrong people and they don’t deserve your time and energy.

11. Relax your jaw and move your eyes around when stressed
When that internal voice is getting really mean and won’t shut up, relax your jaw and start to move your eyes around. This puts yourself into peripheral vision and makes it harder to maintain an internal dialogue

12. Celebrate others successes
Stop competing with others and begin cheering on your fellow humans. If you begrudge people of their bodies, you send a message to yourself about our own body. Be everyone else’s biggest cheerleader.

13. Realise you are your best asset
How would you treat your prize possession? Take the time to pamper the skin you are in!
We value things that we put time and energy into and that includes yourself.