I’m Not Brave For Being Me

November 27, 2016

“I’m brave for many things, just like many other humans. I’m not brave for waking up and being confident in my skin. I am not brave for choosing not to wear makeup. That is confidence,”
– Winnie Harlow

Love these words. If you don’t know who Winnie Harlow is a model who has vitiligo and she’s known for breaking boundaries in the beauty industry.

With Winnie, it’s her skin. With me, it’s my scars.

Either way it’s exactly how I feel about the word “brave” or “inspiring”. Compliment me on being brave or inspiring for what I’ve been through not for showing my scars, as if by some miracle, I have found a way to love them.

When you tell someone that they are brave for simply being who they are, you are saying that if you were in their position, you wouldn’t able to do the same. That sounds like a compliment but it’s not when it’s your life, the life you were born and blessed with.
@mindykaling talks about this because she said people always come up to her asking how she has so much confidence. It implies that she shouldn’t have that confidence because of your judgements about what she looks like.

Language matters, be sensitive and kind.