My Body Confidence Journey

December 4, 2016

Body Confidence is not about believing that you have the most attractive body in the room or that you never have any insecurities. Body confidence is about owning your body, refusing to apologise for it and proudly declaring that your body is worth every bit of space it takes up in this world.

Body confidence to me is saying:
I have had 15 surgeries AND the scars to show for it!
I have had a brain tumour, a punctured intestine, an obstructed bowel, a cyst in my brain AND I’m alive to tell the tale!

It’s saying…
I have hydrocephalus and I may have limitations, but my body works AND I damn well appreciate that!
I never have seen a body like mine in the media, by the pool or on the beach AND it’s ok to be different and stand out.

It’s saying…
I might have been through more than most 23 year olds, I may be scarred, but I’m certainly not scared.
It’s about time we celebrated all bodies and encouraged self love.?

People ask me how I started my body confidence journey. This is how. Thinking one thought: “There must be an alternative way to life than thinking about your body the whole time”.

This is what I told myself at age 15. One thought. One thought that there MUST be an alternative to the way I was living.I hadn’t yet discovered what that alternative was but I was determined to find it.

So if you are at this stage of the process, where you aren’t entirely sure what to do next but you just know that what you are doing right now isn’t working, keep going!