A Love Letter To My Body

December 11, 2016

God, I love this body.


Phew! I haven’t said that in a while and well, I just thought it should be said… nah, not said… DECLARED. Declared for the whole world to see, declared for the entire internet to hear.


It’s not exactly like YOU would want my body. Not this scar-ridden, illness-plagued, frequently-invaded body.

You wouldn’t want to have gone through the things I’ve gone through. Hell, I don’t even have want to gone through all the things I have gone through.

So why then, am I declaring that I love this body! BECAUSE IT IS MY GOD-DAMN BODY.

THIS is all I have ever dreamt of in a body. Yes, you’ve heard that right. I didn’t grow up dreaming to be like a Victoria Secret model (ok fine, I did but that was around 15)… at 7, I dreamt of living in a pain-free, migraine free body. One that would allow me to run and jump and skip with all my friends. One that would let me go to school, the place I loved most with all my heart.

THAT is why I love my body because I don’t know how I got so lucky but I made it out of that and have been gifted with a body that lets me do ALL OF THOSE things. Ok, now I gotta stop cause I’m balling like a baby