Body Positivity and Social Media

December 14, 2016

I love love love that people in the fitness industry are becoming more body positive and one of my all time faves @carlyrowena said it best in her latest vlog! When you pinch and grab at your stomach, remember that it’s not just fat, it’s skin!! And both are necessary to survive!

I’ve watched Carly since her first ever video, when I was obsessed with #fitspo … and over the years, as I found body positivity, I’ve started to unfollow most those accounts cause they are so based on comparison and enhance your insecurities by belittling your former self and they don’t ever offer adjustments for people just starting out or who have physical limitations or disabilities, but I’ve kept following Carly because I truly believe she demonstrates that body positivity and fitness can co-exist.

YouTube was actually what made me more comfortable in my skin growing up, not Instagram because to me, YouTube was where people could be themselves authentically and Instagram was where everyone was putting up this false facade. This is why I started this account. I wanted to present an alternative to #fitspo and #thinspo .

Over the years, I learnt it’s not the platform but instead who you choose to follow and now I love both.