Love Yourself Until Failure

December 16, 2016

There is a phrase used in the fitness community – “until failure” or “until exhaustion”. When you work out with a personal trainer, they can either ask you to do 15 reps or they can ask you to do reps until failure. It basically means until you can’t do any more. I am so used to this phrase that I never really thought about the literal meaning of it.

Failure is always seen as a bad thing, but in fitness, this is a part of the journey. You do reps until you can’t do anymore, you take a break and then you start again.

Failure isn’t a bad thing, it is an expected thing.
So why can’t we do this with self-love?
Why are we surprised when we fail?

There will be a day, a week, a moment where you fail at self love. It is inevitable. It might be only one brief thought or it may have been your whole life, regardless… that is also a part of your journey.

Keep trying to love yourself until you can’t anymore, take a breath, pause for a moment then start again.