To Anyone With Bad Skin Or Acne

December 17, 2016


This is me. Fresh faced, bare-skinned and straight out of the shower. No filter, no editing, just me. ?

My skin is not perfect, I have spots and at the moment I have a lot of them.

I would be lying if I said there weren’t moments where they have made me insecure. There have been moments when I’ve been tempted to put on makeup even though I didn’t want to. There have been moments where I’ve stared in the mirror and got frustrated that at 23, I am still going through problems that are meant to be isolated to your teenage years.

Except they aren’t. Bad skin and acne aren’t just for teenagers. It’s a problem many of us suffer with and I refuse to let makeup be the solution. I have never been a person who wore makeup on a daily basis and now that I have bad skin, I refuse to let that change. I only wear makeup when I find it fun. I never wear it because I have to and most of all I refuse to be a person on social media who starts a post or a video with “sorry, I’m not wearing any makeup”.

You do not need to apologise for not wearing makeup.
You do not owe the world perfection.
You do not have to cover your skin in order to be presentable or acceptable.

I go to work without makeup. I give speeches in schools without makeup. Why? Because my appearance doesn’t affect my performance. No dress code can or should dictate what my skin should look like.

I have made a video as a personal message to anyone suffering with bad skin or acne. Click the link in the bio to give it a watch.

Your worth is not defined by your skin.
Your beauty is not defined by your skin.
Let’s love the skin we are in.