What Do You Not Understand?

January 27, 2017

I’m trying something new!

Times are changing. Social change has been growing faster than it ever has been before thanks to the internet. There are so many people rebelling against this in so many ways, by spouting hate and voting for leaders out of fear. Fear that things will change.

Well times are changing and nothing they can do will stop that. There are two main emotions in the world: LOVE AND FEAR. Every other emotion is just a derivative of these two. So I was wondering what I could do to promote love.

Then it hit me. I was in a conversation with some of my friends (who happen to all be white, male, straight and cis gender) when the word “cis” came up. They had never heard of it. I explained it and as a result had an amazing conversation.

It happened at pride when I was there with a few gay friends and in a safe enough environment to ask out of genuine curiosity: “what’s the difference between queer and gay?” Having always believed these words were interchangeable, I saw signs that contradicted that so I asked! Because it’s important to understand issues that don’t affect me.

I truly believe the source of this fear is a lack of understanding. There are so many new terms and definitions, I understand how it can be overwhelming and even scary. So to change that, and in the spirit of “educate not hate”, this comment thread is officially a safe, judgement free zone.

What don’t you understand?
Maybe you don’t know the difference between pansexual and bisexual?
Have you wondered if the word “disabled” is offensive?
Is it rude to ask someone about their scar?
Is it acceptable to call someone fat now that the word has been embraced?
What’s the difference between transgender or transsexual
Maybe you don’t know the difference between queer and gay?

Comment below with something you don’t understand or need explaining and if I can’t explain it myself, I’ll tag someone who does. Or even better, if you see a question that you can answer, jump right in and answer it!