Everyone was a beginner once.

March 6, 2017

Today I uploaded a special video cause it has a life changing moment in it. One I will be so glad I captured on video.
I drove for the 1st time since passing 4 years ago.
I know to a lot of you, you won’t be able to understand why that’s a big deal but let me put it this way.
I started learning how to drive when I was 17, had to change instructors at 18, when I changed the instructor continually threatened to report me to the DVLA because he believed with my brain conditions and brain surgeries I shouldn’t be allowed to drive, despite the fact I had been approved by a doctor. Then I gave up for 2 years. Eventually started again but found an instructor who specialised with people who had dyslexia/ dyspraxia and I had both. Then I failed my driving test 5 times and when I finally passed, it was on April Fool’s Day so no one believed me. Since passing I have never driven.

That was four years ago.?. Driving was the thing that always made me feel disabled. It was the thing that made me feel like physiologically I am different from the rest of you. It makes me feel weak and incapable every time someone jokes about never getting in a car with me.
BUT today, I drove for the 1st time and it was terrifying/ exciting but most of all, it felt like I accomplished something huge.

I overcame the fears that had been building over the last 4 years and you know what, it didn’t go awfully so today I am reminding myself that everyone was a beginner once.
It wasn’t perfect but it was good enough.
This video is also the last of vlogmas, my 24 videos of December. When I started that project, it very much has the same ethos so it feels quite circular.

I have never said this before but I think this is my best video yet so I would love for you to click the link in the bio and check it out, it’s a good ‘un. It’s got a bit of everything: my childhood yearbooks, see how far we have come from 20 years ago in LGBT, I talk about western/eastern cultures and EDs.

This quote works with anything, driving or changing body image thoughts. Remember you can do anything you set your mind to, you’ve got to start somewhere.

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