My 2 year anniversary.

March 10, 2017


Ok, I’m a few days late but ya know, I’m not perfect, I’m a flawed human. ?? But I just wanted to take a moment to reflect today as I lie here in my bikini. The exact same bikini that started all of this body positivity stuff. My first ever bikini ?

Even two years ago, Body Positivity wasn’t well known. When I told people I was a body confidence coach, they thought it was code for a sex therapist ?

I grew up without body positivity.
I grew up in a society where a girl that looked like me was simply not allowed to wear bikinis. It was an unthinkable thing to do.
I grew up in a world where a girl with my illnesses was always told what I couldn’t do but never told what was possible.

I grew up being told my limitations, not my potential.

And it makes me excited that generations today will have the safety of BoPo.

That might sound silly in the context of all the societal pressures they face but BoPo works! I hear it on the daily – that this community saved them.

I just wanted to take a moment to be proud of myself and be proud of YOU.

If you’ve come across this page, I know you would’ve also struggled with your body and I hope in the last few years, you’ve found a home in that gorgeous body of yours.

More than that, I hope that the rise of body positivity has helped you realise that you are more than your body. That if your body doesn’t work properly or look the way it’s supposed to, you are equally valuable to this world.

And finally thank you! Thank you for all the kindness, support and love. Today especially, I’ve experienced an outpouring of appreciation from all of you and in return, I feel this awesome sense of gratitude and pride for what we’ve built together.

I cry a lot when I write my posts (I’m crying right now) because I pour my heart and soul into my writing and to know that’s heard and welcomed means more than I will ever be able to express. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Forever #scarrednotscared