Cellulite Saturday

March 14, 2017

You can’t spell cellulite without “u lit”.

I won’t lie when I first saw this photo, all I could see was a whole lotta thigh and the first thing I thought was:
“This is what happens to my thighs when I don’t work out for 2 weeks.” You see, I don’t work out for my body or my appearance but my body when I work out is my norm and that is what I am used to seeing in mirrors and pictures.

I didn’t work out for 2 weeks for my health. Yes, you heard that right, sometimes not exercising is healthy. In fact, it’s sometimes the healthiest thing you can do and my body changed. AND THAT’S OK!

Because my body doesn’t have to be in shape or at it’s best to take a photo. For the last two years, I always seem to end up in a situation where I have to take a photo or film a video in a bikini when I look my worst.

It happened with the Scarred Not Scared video for example. I had glandular fever and looked the worst I have ever looked BUT I felt pretty darn good.

BECAUSE LOOKING GOOD AND FEELING GOOD AREN’T LINKED. I could be looking my best and feeling my worst and more importantly vice versa. With most these situations, I take the photo/video, feel great about it and then see it and don’t like what I see. And you know what I do? I send it anyway. Because what I feel is always more important and I don’t let what I look like dictate my actions anymore.

So here’s to #cellulitesaturday , @omgkenzieee and her #selflovebootcamp ?? She made me embrace a body part that I didn’t realise I was unconsciously still hiding. I love you darling + your beautiful messages and that voice made me smile so much this week ❤️ #scarrednotscared