Don’t laugh like that, it’s unfeminine.

March 28, 2017

“Don’t laugh like that, it’s unfeminine”

Women telling other women that they are unfeminine is unfeminine.

Being told you are unfeminine or unladylike is the worst insult when you grow up in Hong Kong but when someone said this to me over Christmas, I just laughed. AGAIN.

I laughed in the face of the patriarchy.
I laughed in the face of the idea that you define my feminism.
I laughed in the face of anyone that cares more about the sound of my laugh than my happiness.

Granted, I have a noticeable laugh. I have had soooooooo many comments on my laugh throughout my life. “You shouldn’t laugh so much”
“Is that your real laugh?”
Or simply “… that laugh tho”

But what always saddens me is that you could critique a sound made out of pure joy.
What saddens me even more is that pure joy needs to be contained to fit in with some people’s definition of femininity.

If my laugh was cute when I was a baby, it still is because newsflash these two babes are the same woman with the same laugh. (Although a slightly smaller head now, my baby photo is one of the few where my hydro head is really noticeable)