Weight Loss and Body Positivity

April 7, 2017

TRIGGER WARNING: Diet culture, weight loss and clean eating

I’ve wanted to have this conversation on my YouTube channel for so long and I finally did it, and to say I’m nervous to post this is an understatement.

I was inspired to make this video because I saw a YouTuber say that they felt excluded from the bopo movement for wanting to lose weight and I felt the need to comment. It’s been so controversial to talk about weight loss in body positivity that it’s really easy to shy away from having these conversations but if we shy away from it – nothing changes. So I’m facing it head on because the diet industry is the place that needs the most bopo.

I decided to have this conversation with @florence_blog who is someone I went to university with. Flo has lost over 7 stone and so I believe she had a unique experience when it comes to weight loss. She is body positive and she also lost that weight through weight watchers so she has a great point of view and I hope that is conveyed in the video.

I believe our conversation is body positive and I do believe body positivity and weight loss can co-exist but in order for it to do so, we need to broach controversial topics like this one.