Exercise with Invisible Illness and Chronic Pain

April 19, 2017

“A working body is one that simply keeps you breathing. If you are still here, your body works.”

I used to hate the term “working body”, I always believed it didn’t fit my body. My body with all my ailments, illnesses and limitations.

Well I’m redefining it. A working body isn’t one that let’s you jump, run, skip or even walk, it’s one that keeps you breathing. That’s it.

I finally released my most requested video. I have been putting off making it for so long because of my privilege in this area but I felt it was a waste to not use my platform to speak up about a topic that is NEVER discussed. I mean never, I tried to find another YouTube video on it and I couldn’t.

So many of you struggle with this and with 5 more requests to make this video, I decided to finally do it. I hope it helps those of you who feel physically limited. I’m here with you. Let’s do this thing together  #scarrednotscared