When You Are Hard to Love

April 23, 2017

We all have an “ugly” side to ourselves, and I’m not talking physically. My side is my fiery side, I get really passionate really quickly and sometimes when I get like this, my passion hides my sensitivity and my carefulness when I choose words. I used to hate that part of myself… for obvious reasons, until I realised they were a part of my identity and culture.

The Chinese women I grew up around ARE fiery. They are loud and passionate and unapologetic and even though that was seriously annoying when it comes to their opinions about my body, it’s also a part of my upbringing.

Recognise those parts of yourself. They deserve love and attention as much as the other sides of you. Humans are complex and we don’t always fit into a nice little box. We aren’t always perfectly poised and behaved and that’s ok.

I get complimented on my positivity all the time but I wanted to also say that there is a very real side of me too and THAT’S OK. As long as you are self aware and you recognise your behaviours, you can change them.

Even the parts of yourself that you don’t like deserve love. ❤️ Self compassion is always the answer ?