"Doing It" Book Publication Day

April 24, 2017

IT IS “DOING IT” PUBLICATION DAY! (Swipe for more photos)

I’m in @hannahwitton ‘s awesome sex-positive, body-positive, inclusive book which basically needs to be compulsory reading for all teenagers – it’s the sex ed you needed in school! I couldn’t urge you to buy this book more.

I’ve written a piece on body confidence in the bedroom and because I want you to buy the book, I’m not going to share any of what I’ve written BUT here is the one paragraph that got cut… as a little bit of a teaser: “My scars, my cellulite and my stretch marks now served as a filtering device for all the superficial people in the world. It weeded out the people who would only want to be with me for my body and in doing so, this protected my heart ensuring that these people disappeared before I had an opportunity to love them. I had been given a gift by not fitting into the conventional standards of beauty. It meant I had to look for beauty elsewhere, somewhere much more permanent: inside me. And that’s beauty that won’t disappear with age or if the universe decides to continue to embellish my body with more operations.” I truly had the most wonderful day chatting with these humans about all things sex. I found out so much I didn’t know, specifically about polyamory and asexuality, and it was so awesome to be around such a liberated group of people… I mean I genuinely started a conversation with a person I had never met talking about masturbation.

Hear all about that story and talking about mummy porn and everything else on the live stream below.


SUCH A GREAT DAY! CONGRATS HANNAH, you should be so proud! ❤ #DoingItBook