How To Wear What Scares You

May 10, 2017

“How can I wear a bikini like you?”
“What do I do if I hate wearing shorts?”
“How do I gain the confidence to wear dresses?” I get asked a lot how did I get the confidence to wear a bikini for the first time or how to wear shorts if you are insecure about your legs or crop tops if you hate your stomach, so I decided to sit down and film a 5 step process to getting you to wear your dream item of clothing.

You can’t wear a bikini if you don’t own one.

This is one of the steps. The main problem with how people combat insecurities is that they make the steps too big. Not only does that make you less likely to accomplish it but you also miss a number of opportunities to feel proud of yourself.

Drop any questions you have below and let’s make this summer the one where we get outside and wear whatever we damn well please! #wewearwhatwewant