Hating someone else’s body won’t help you love yours.

May 20, 2017

“Look at that skinny bitch”
“If I were her, I would hate myself”
“Some of us can’t just eat whatever we want”
“It’s alright for some”
“If I had her body, I would feel disgusting”
“It’s almost as if she’s given up on life”

Hating on another person’s body is unacceptable whether it’s body shame or out of jealousy, to me, it’s one in the same because both don’t help you. In fact sometimes body shame is out of jealousy – jealousy that one can exist happily in a body when you can’t be happy in a body that is seen as more socially acceptable.

This is why I preach self love because it starts and ends with you.

This post was inspired by my latest post on @bodypositivememes and I just love how memes created out of negativity and breeding loving thoughts ? Take that fitspo industry ??