Skiing With Body Positivity

May 22, 2017

As most of you know, I am on a ski trip right now, and whilst people on my personal Facebook will see a slideshow of pictures above of me looking like I am having the best time, what they won’t know is that these photos and video was one morning of the three days. What they won’t see is me stopping after one morning because I’m in too much pain. My chronic pain has flared up but mentally I’m ok and it’s because of body positivity. In fact the whole trip has been different because of BoPo.

Skiing without BoPo:
– Stress over trying to find ski clothes
– Cry because I can’t find anything in my size
– Be embarrassed because I had to shop in the men’s
– Leave the shop vowing to lose weight for next time and start a diet
– Contemplate cancelling
– Waking up an hour earlier to do my makeup
– Worry about my helmet messing up my hair
– Not eat enough because of the above mentioned diet
– Overmedicate when I felt pain or my body told me to stop
– Compare my ability to my friends the whole time
– Be consumed with thoughts about what I look like

Insecurities infect so many more thoughts than simply just your body and body positivity helps so many more situations than simply when you stare at a mirror.

Skiing with body positivity:
– Wear men’s ski wear knowing it is better to wear what fits than something that is too tight
– Think it’s ridiculous that men’s sizes go up to XXL but women’s only go up to XL because Fat Girls Ski Too!
– Be makeup free and comfortably so, acne and all!
– Embrace my naturally frizzy and messy hair
– Notice how beautiful the mountains look because I’m not noticing whether I am beautiful or not
– Stick to the easier slopes because that’s what I enjoy!

And MOST OF ALL, stop when I am in pain. Body positivity has helped me accept my physical limitations and honour my body by knowing when to stop. Instead of being annoyed at myself for not pushing through, I’m annoyed at the situation. Instead of self abusing myself for having an illness I would never ask for, I am being compassionate to a body that is doing it’s best #scarrednotscared