Your Body Is Not A Qualification

May 24, 2017

I’m so done with all these industry “experts” who believe that by simply by having a good body they are qualified to help people.

Having a 6 pack does not mean you are a trained fitness professional. Having a thin society-approved body doesn’t mean you are a qualified nutritionist. Just because you have lots of followers in your niche industry, doesn’t mean you are an expert in your niche. Even if you have a book or documentary, that doesn’t make you an expert either.

People who are most prolific in the industry are very rarely the most qualified. The people with the most exposure and the biggest platform are rarely the ones with the most degrees. The ones who get seen the most are the ones that are considered “media-friendly” and are good at TV, radio and public appearances but this is an entirely different skill and is no indication of your intellect or knowledge on a topic.

Even in the bopo industry, I’ve seen people teach others how to recover. There is a difference between having a personal account and sharing your experience of ONE TYPE of recovery and preaching that your way to recovery is the only way and claiming you are an expert because you’ve recovered.

In BoPo I’m also seeing too many people use the word “exposure therapy” as a new trendy word. It isn’t! It’s an actual psychological technique that has been both invalidated and supported. All these people quoting it though are completely unaware of this research and haven’t once looked into the information they are sharing.

This happens in every industry. I’ve been on a coaching retreat with a supposed trained professional only to get triggered for the 1 and only time since being fully recovered from PTSD in 4 years and NO ONE, all 20 coaches in the room were able to help me. I had to coach myself out of it and I could only do that because I AM a 5 board accredited life coach but I shouldn’t have had to! And if it was anyone else, I would dread to think what would’ve happened.

So please please, look into the qualifications of a person. Social media is not a substitute for therapy and nor is fitness or a diet. I did a whole rant video on this where I get into the detail.