How To Stop Caring What People Think

June 1, 2017

When you find body positivity, people will have opinions about it. Many, many, many opinions. But when you don’t let those opinions deter you, others have no choice but to get out of your life or learn to get used to it.

Body positivity is now part of my package as a human. If you don’t like body positivity, you aren’t going to like me. Body positivity doesn’t come with an on and off switch, it is in my blood.

Earlier this week when I was on a date and he said that he felt fat, I told him that fat wasn’t a feeling. Earlier today when my friend said that a girl walking past looked anorexic, I told her that you don’t know a person’s diet and lifestyle from looking at a person and that if it’s not your body, it’s none of your business.

Being body positive means learning to not care what other people think because you have to deviate from the norm in order to be body positive.

This quote is from a video I just released all about not caring about what others think. I made a whole YouTube video on it. The link is in the bio, give it a watch and let’s start choosing our own happiness over someone else’s opinion.