You Don’t Need To Prove Body Positivity

June 11, 2017

“If you haven’t posed in your underwear yet, are you really a body positive instagrammer?” Why, yes! Yes I am.

You can not tell how much someone loves their body by how much skin they show on their page.
You can not tell how kind someone is to themselves by how many bikini photos are on their page
AND you are not any less body positive because you have never posed in your underwear.

People are empowered in different ways so let people be empowered by different ways.

I would never slut shame a woman who is naked online so please do not turn it around and claim I am any less body positive because I am empowered more by words.

If you knew me in my real life, I am essentially an exhibitionist. It started at 11 years old when nurses chased me down the corridor begging me to cover my arse with my dignity robe (shitty name for a hospital gown if you ask me!). I have never had any qualms about stripping down naked whether it’s at a physiotherapy appointment or a Japanese hot springs but just because you don’t see photographic evidence of that, doesn’t mean those accomplishments weren’t any less important in my BoPo journey.

I never wanted to make Scarred Not Scared about my body because I believe it’s a more important conversation than just about me. It’s why I shared other people’s stories in our first campaign video because each scar story is different and those differences highlight a different aspect.❤ #scarrednotscared