Stop calling women "crazy"

June 12, 2017

Have you ever found it curious that women seemed to be called crazy more than men?
That the word “crazy” is often spoken about when it comes to a woman in love – “don’t date the crazy chick”, “crazy ex girlfriend” etc.

Calling a woman crazy is a way of gaslighting. It tells the woman that her emotions and feelings aren’t appropriate and that they should rely on your judgments rather than her own.

When you invalidate a woman’s emotions in that way, it leads to her being more reliant on you and this is why this word crazy will be used in situations that involve abuse. It’s a way to control a person and to put them on the defensive as they try to show that they aren’t crazy, instead of having a conversation about the thing you were fighting about.

Using the word “crazy” also further stigmatises those with mental health issues and undermines their legitimate problems by using the word so casually.

This word is seriously problematic so I did a whole video on it that I urge you to watch. The link in the bio – it’s a good ‘un. It comes with buckets of sass ?? #scarrednotscared