"It Was Me All Along" By Andie Mitchell Book Review

June 13, 2017

“The amount of life you give up for those 5 pounds is not worth it”


For March, we read “It was Me All Along” by Andie Mitchell which is a story all about self acceptance through weight loss and weight gain and finding balance in life.

The quote above is a quote from the video and was sparked by this section in the book: “I did not lose 135 lbs only to find myself in an unhappy marriage to running. And if I did, I wanted a divorce. I did not lose 135 lbs because my sanity mattered more than my vanity. I decided in that moment, I’d try my best to let myself be the weight I was supposed to be. If not running everyday or not running ever again meant that I would gain 5 lbs, I would accept each one of them. If 10 lbs were in store for me, so be it. Truly let myself be”

You can spend your whole life worrying about those 5 pounds. You can spend your whole life worrying about “those finishing touches” but stop and consider what you are giving up in exchange and more importantly, IS IT WORTH IT?! 90% of my life and the people in my life are body positive and because 90% of the people in my life are straight sized, these are the few diet conversations I overhear with my friends. It’s usually in relation to the summer and wanting to be “holiday-ready” and what I constantly repeat on a loop (seriously people, I sound like a parrot!) is that you are already holiday ready and that 5 pounds won’t make you look drastically different and that perception is in your head.

Those 5 lbs are not worth your food freedom.
Those 5 lbs are not worth your happiness.
Those 5 lbs are not worth your self love.
Those 5 lbs are not worth exhausting your body.
Those 5 lbs are not worth starving yourself.

Think about all those sacrifices and think about if it’s worth it. And most of all, I don’t care whether it’s more than 5 lbs, the same applies.

Watch the video for the rest of my thoughts and come join the body positive book club on Facebook. We are reading Fat is A Feminist Issue next month so join before April begins ❤


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