You Need To Talk To Your Inner Child

June 17, 2017

Today I stopped and asked my inner child how she was doing. I put my hand on my heart and stopped moving and sat silent long enough to hear her voice. “I’m scared and worried. I don’t know if life is going to work out how we planned it. Those dreams that seemed so certain all these years no longer feel that way and with each dream growing further and further away, I worry if we are going to be ok. I know I’m meant to be proud of all we have done so far but I’m really struggling to focus on that right now so I’m going to need your love right now”

I used to be so mean to that little girl, I would call her all kinds of names. I thought she was such a geek with her glasses and buck teeth and I wasn’t surprised that she struggled to find friends cause I wouldn’t want to be friends with her. Even as an adult I didn’t want to even be associated with her.

Two years ago, through meditation and therapy, I started reaching out to her and the fact that she asked for my love today was a huge sign of growth. She asked for what she needed because she knew she would get it. You only ask for what you need from people you trust. Now, we trust each other and more importantly, we love each other.

A lot of you will think I’m weird talking about and to my younger self but my inner child work has been the most healing thing in my therapy and to mend all the self-abuse I put my body through. It is a fundamental part of my self care.

We all have an inner child within all of us and we are all able to heal parts of our childhood by having conversations with that part of ourselves.

This photo of my younger self would have filled me with embarrassment before so when one of my friend’s mum shared this photo and my first thought was: “Cool, I’ve never seen that photo” – I knew I had changed.

It’s never too late to change your relationship with your past. We all know I had a tough childhood and now I can’t help but feel compassion for an 8 year old who had already had 7 surgeries.

Have a conversation with your inner child today, you won’t regret it.#scarrednotscared
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