Underestimate Me.

June 19, 2017

“Underestimate me. That’ll be fun”

I have always been a rebellious woman. Tell me I can’t do something and I will almost guarantee I will go against you. Try to predict what I will do, what I will say or how I will react and I will almost certainly swerve the other way.
It was bloody annoying to my parents as a child but it’s what I believe has made me such an empowered woman now.

I am ALWAYS underestimated. You don’t go around trumpeting your 15 surgeries like medals of honour without people doubting your capabilities AND your intellect.

Yes, I have limitations but I’ll do my darnedest to hide them from you. That obviously comes with massive drawbacks and can be a weakness of mine… especially when the person I was hiding it from was my doctors and parents but it’s what has made me ME.

You saw all the amazing photos from my day yesterday. You saw that I went on the radio, went to the gym and was generally bossing life and having the best day ever. What you didn’t know and what all the people who were around me didn’t know is that I had the worst headache in quite a while. I hid it because that’s what I’m good at doing. I’ve done it my whole life.

BUT more importantly, it didn’t stop me. If I was eloquent enough to be on the radio on a bad day, can you imagine me on a good one! It’s taken me years for me to recognise my power and once you do that, trust me you won’t back down. In fact it becomes normal.

I was talking to @chachipowerproject this afternoon about this and she kept telling me “but that’s you, that’s not like most people”… well that’s because I don’t have a life story like most people.

So go on underestimate me… my doctors did with my life expectancy and my mental and physical capabilities. My teachers did, they bumped me down a division in my classes after my operations assuming that it would slow me down but I wanted to prove them wrong so badly I got 100% on all the tests for a WHOLE year to prove that 5 surgeries in 3 months didn’t do shit to my brain cells… even if 3 of the them were brain surgeries.


I’m unstoppable. With or without a headache. #scarrednotscared