Being Single and Body Positive

June 23, 2017

I’m a rare species: I’m single and BoPo. Just by chance, most of my friends in this community are in long term relationships and so I feel it’s my duty to shine a lot on this are of BoPo that isn’t discussed enough.

Being single and being body positive isn’t the easiest thing. The dating world is a hot bed for body shaming and derogatory comments and frankly, being on some of those dating apps make it seem easy to be a woman on the internet in comparison.

I’m very open about my body positivity. It usually comes up within the first two messages because it’s my job and I have no shame in that. It’s actually led to a lot of interesting conversations, not all bad ?

What’s worse than all of that though is the fact that being single opens yourself up for all this unsolicited advice about what you should do, be or change in order to increase your chances of meeting someone.

Yes, I would like to meet someone but …
– I’m not willing to compromise my values or beliefs, to do so.
– I’m not going to inauthentic or pretend to be someone I’m not, to do so.
– if they don’t believe in body positivity and intersectional feminism, then they aren’t for me.
– my life doesn’t revolve around that and my life isn’t dictated by that.
– I’m not less worthy or beautiful because I haven’t.
– being single is not a problem and it doesn’t need fixing.

We need to stop telling women to be a certain way to attract men. Be yourself and you will attract the right type of person FOR YOU. #scarrednotscared PS Come follow me on Twitter ?