You are Stronger Than You Think

June 24, 2017

I’m definitely biased but I couldn’t agree more.
I once had someone ask me about each individual scar on my body and at the end of that conversation, he paused and simply said:
“Wow, you’ve been through a lot”. “Yes I have” I responded. It took me years to not play down what I’ve been through, it took me years to not claim my adversity and embrace it. But those years are gone.

I don’t know how I have designed a life that revolves around my scars especially considering for the first 20 years, I would do everything to avoid any conversation about it. The conversation I dreaded most is now the conversation I have most.

All things scar related, send them my way. I can handle it and whilst now, I can proudly proclaim I am SCARRED NOT SCARED. I’m also proud to admit that there were many times I was scared.

My strength doesn’t exist because of an absence of fear. My strength exists because I rode through every time I was scared and persevered. I didn’t always have a choice, it was a life or death situation, but I still did it. After all, I’d rather be scared and alive than calm and dead.

I’ve experienced death for 2 whole minutes and it’s seriously calm but it’s no fun. Life is fun, scars and all. ? also calm is hugely overrated, feelings are the coolest – humans just haven’t realised that yet ? #scarrednotscared