I Wear Short Shorts

June 27, 2017

As the weather gets hot, the supposed difference between being fat and skinny grows.

In the winter, everyone stays covered up, but in the summer, skinny girls are allowed to wear short shorts and fat girls are meant to blister in the heat as they stay in jeans to avoid the chub rub. Skinny girls can wear beautiful florals but fat girls should continue to wear black because it’s more flattering.
Well this photo just proves ALL that wrong! ☀️
You can wear WHATEVER YOU LIKE THIS SUMMER! Short shorts, crop tops, bikinis are for everyone. Patterns, colours and brights are for everyone! Fuck flattering! Wear what makes you happy! ? ?
I was online shopping yesterday and it’s easy to believe that curvier women don’t wear these items when even the images used in the plus size section aren’t plus size but it’s all a lie. This is where the power of Instagram lies! It shows that it’s possible that every body type can wear whatever you like!

So let’s take the power of Instagram a step further. Here’s another #OneTakeBeauty for you all. It’s ok to take one photo, even if you aren’t ready and still fixing your hair mid-photo. It ok if you are moving in the photo, our bodies move and it’s ok to capture that! AND MOST OF ALL, it’s ok to be makeup free and filter free, unedited and unretouched. Your body is beautiful enough without editing! Join in and take ONE photo. @instagram even gives you the option to take one straight from inside the app so use the feature for the first time and tag me in your #OneTakeBeauty photos! #ScarredNotScared