Do I need to lose weight?

July 2, 2017

I’m going to be honest with you. I have a lot of work on at the moment and all I was planning to do was to take a short break and watch one YouTube video. The first one in my subscription box happened to be from one of my favourite youtubers, and it was about her weight loss journey.

I never even knew she used to be overweight, and I’ll be honest, I was curious (clickbait, you got me ??‍♀️). What started as one video about weight loss, spiralled into 10 videos on weight loss (damn the YouTube sidebar!). With each video, I found myself feeling worse about myself. Not only my body image but also because I had wasted over 2 hours not doing the work I was supposed to and by the end of 10 videos(… I could have kept going, believe me, but thankfully I had the sanity to stop), I even had convinced myself that I could do with “losing just a few”. HAVEN’T WE ALL BEEN THERE?! But then I reminded myself of this. These transformation videos aren’t real, they only tell half the story. These transformation videos are selling you the fact that your perfect life is waiting for you at the end of your weight loss and I can’t tell you how wrong that is.

YOUR PERFECT LIFE IS HERE AND NOW, and the only thing actually preventing me from living my dream was watching these videos instead of completing my work that would get me one step closer to my goal.

Thankfully I’ve been listening to Ed Sheeran on repeat since his last album came out and this lyric popped in my head.

I KNOW DIET CULTURE IS CONVINCING AS HELL. It’s ok to consider it, just don’t act on it. We are all human and it’s easy to believe what you are being told by social media but remember it’s only one side of the story. #scarrednotscared