Stop Apologising For Your Appearance

July 3, 2017

“I’m sorry I’m not wearing makeup”
“Apologies for the state of me”
“Just ignore my tired blotchy face”
“Not looking my best right now”

How many times have you heard a blogger, YouTuber or Instragrammer start their videos like this?

What exactly are you apologising for?
Your lack of perfection?
Your natural self?

Or perhaps you are trying to preempt any negative comments about what you look like. Well here’s a newsflash, those negative commenters are going to say what they have to say, regardless of your apology or you pointing out that you are aware of your appearance.

Apologising for being makeup free is the worst because it implies not putting makeup on makes you less than. 90% of my content, whether it’s YouTube videos, Instagram photos or my stories are makeup free and that doesn’t diminish the quality of my content.