Fat Is A Feminist Issue by Susie Orbach

July 5, 2017

“Today, “fat” is not a description of size, but a moral category tainted with criticism and contempt.” – Susie Orbach

For April, The Body Positive Book Club chose to read Fat Is a Feminist Issue.

As most of you know, I started a body positive book club in January. What you don’t know was that Fat Is A Feminist Issue is what sparked the idea! I had already been thinking about it and at the time, there was a lot of drama going on in body positivity and instead of complaining about it, I wanted to do something about it. I am a very solution- focused person and don’t like to bitch about things endlessly. Do something to change it or quit complaining! So I did something about it. It might not have actually changed anyone or anything but in my head I did my part.

People were complaining that this “new BoPo” were uninformed and uneducated about body positive issues and so I started this book club as an opportunity for newbies to educate themselves, learn and engage in conversations in a non-judgemental safe space. At a time when everyone was yelling “no one wants to learn or be inclusive”, I could point to the book club and say “yes there are people who do, they might not be the majority but they exist!!”

It is truly amazing how great it has been! I’ve been loving all the photos that you’ve tagged me in and with almost 400 of you, there is a real sense of community together and it is really reassured me that there so many of you who were keen to learn and grow!

Immersing yourself in body positive literature will only do good things for you. If you surround yourself with it, it will start to become normal to you.