Sweat Is Human

July 8, 2017

Did you know that 75% of women don’t work out because they worry about what they look like?

I couldn’t believe it because I’ve always been raised with the gym. I was 7 years old when I first stepped in one and I grew up accompanying my dad to the gym on a Saturday. I wouldn’t work out and I’d just run around as my dad worked out but kids watch and observe and it’s unsurprising that it’s a big part of my routine now.

So what’s to worry about? Things I took for granted as normal.

I didn’t understand it until I started working out with friends in uni. They would put makeup on to go to the gym and I couldn’t understand it cause I was always taught it’s bad for your skin to work out.


I remember wearing a grey top once and sweating through it while working out and not thinking twice and a friend pointed out how embarrassing it was. HOW IS SWEAT EMBARRASSING?


We talk a lot in body positivity about how insecurities are taught. Well when it came to the gym, I was never taught insecurities. I was taught you are there to use your body, not focus on what it looks like.

@samjonestwenty asked me why I mainly work out and my first response was “enjoyment”. THAT is what I was taught and should be taught to kids.

I work out to appreciate my body because there were times in my life I couldn’t do this.
I work out to release stress and have fun.

I don’t work out to be a “good fatty”, to lose weight or even to look any different visually.

To me, it’s about getting outside of my head and recognising I am more than my body because my body is more than just what it looks like.
I like feeling strong, I like finding my power through my body and my strength will always be more important than my beauty. #scarrednotscared