Body Positivity Is Not About Attractiveness

July 15, 2017

Body positivity isn’t about trying to convince you that our bodies are attractive either physically or sexually, it’s about saying that regardless of whether you are attractive or not, you and your body are still deserving of respect.

There’s a joke that all body positive accounts do is get naked, but it’s not funny and not true. With or without clothes, I am still Body Positive. In a bikini or not, I am still Body Positive.

To assume body positivity is related to sexual attractiveness or romantic attraction is not only excluding those who are asexual and aromantic but it means you are still limiting your worth to someone else’s perception and to a greater extent, limiting your body love to your beauty. If you are still dependent on your beauty then what happens if you get in an accident or simply age?

This is why body positive activists work to place an emphasis on the fact that we are all more than a body. Beauty for the most part is decided by our genetics and you were either blessed with the genes that are “on trend” right now or you weren’t.

And even if you are blessed with the jackpot, it doesn’t mean you get to keep it. I mean, let’s be honest, my scars are not attractive but they are mine!

We don’t have an even playing field for that. Nor do we for age, race, privilege or ability but what we all do have is a life. Your life can be taken away from you at any point and that’s the greatest equaliser of it all. Regardless of who you are or how long you’ve had on this earth, it could be taken away from you at any moment so excuse me while I say “fuck you” to being beautiful, attractive or sexy.

I am so much more than that. #ScarredNotScared #OneTakeBeauty
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