Body Positive Picnic

August 15, 2017

“Instagram is so bad for your mental health”
“Do not meet strangers off the internet”
“All social media people are so fake”
“Body positivity is a phase”
“Women are so bitchy when they are in a group”
“Body posi people are only confident online”

This photo proves every single one of those statements wrong. Every single woman in this photo was a part of my body positivity journey. AND every single one I met through @instagram – some I’ve known for over 4 years and some are new friends but each one a significant and important part.

I could write a paragraph about each one but here’s just a snippet… (from left to right)
@bodyposipanda taught me the importance of sharing my story and embracing your past
@theunedit taught me strength of character and how to be an ambitious boss without compromising your morals
@thechristinecho taught me the importance of understanding and how to be gentle, kind and compassionate
@amyeloisew taught me a fierceness. Her authentic radiates from a mile away
@the_feeding_of_the_fox taught me courage. She made me feel less alone In a world where I didn’t fit the mould
@khal_essie taught me the importance of connection and makes me feel so valued in her never ending support
@thevaggagle taught me how to be unapologetically myself and to not care what others think
Follow these babes and i promise you they will light up your newsfeed! ❤

These aren’t my body positive friends, these are my friends who happen to be body positive.
These aren’t my Instagram friends, these are my real life friends.

And before anyone gets the wrong idea, this picture is missing many of my amazing friends, a few who couldn’t make it and many more across the world. This is not an exclusive club, all that’s required to be included is to be kind and respectful to everyone else.

Empowered women empower women. #bodypositivity #scarrednotscared