Can You Be Body Positive and Still Wear Makeup?

September 1, 2017

“You aren’t body positive if you wear makeup”

Sorry, didn’t realise you controlled the rule book when it comes to body positivity.

Body positivity does not ban you from:
– wearing makeup
– shaving any part of your body
– wearing heels
– dying your hair
– plucking your eyebrows
– any beauty regime you want to take part in

Body positive women wear makeup all the time. The difference is that we aren’t reliant on wearing it. We don’t NEED it to feel beautiful because we know we are inherently beautiful with or without it.

We don’t use it to hide anything.
We don’t use it to cover our spots, acne or acne scars.
We don’t use it to look like someone else.

We use it when we want to use it.
Body positivity means WE own the rulebook when it comes to our faces and our bodies.
Body positivity is about choice.
It’s saying we should have the choice to wear makeup or not which means the workplace and clubs can not dictate makeup on their dress code.

That’s what I fight for! A woman’s right to choose to not wear makeup. A woman’s right to not be shamed into wearing it.

You are beautiful both ways. You will see me full breakout in my stories most days, in the gym, going to meetings, living my life… and you will also see me put makeup on. I’m entitled to both.

In all honesty, I just came back from getting my eyebrows and upper lip threaded and it hurt so fucking much it made me question if I am REALLY doing it for myself or the patriarchy. That’s all body positivity is asking you to do, it’s asking you to question what you’ve come to expect as the norm. It’s asking that you question what you view as compulsory beauty rules but… Your body, your choice means just that…

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