Are You Notoriously Single?

September 10, 2017

Are you notoriously single?
We are.
We are both the “single friend” in our respective friendship groups.

We both know that our bodies have nothing to do with our relationship status but society would have us believe otherwise.
I get told that my body is the problem all the time:
“You have a pretty face – if only you lost some weight, boys would find you attractive”
“Boys don’t like girls at your size”

Well Amalie @amalielee is single… so what’s the problem now? “You should stop being so picky” – as if having an expectation for how you are treated is a bad thing.
We BOTH have been told this.

Or even worse we BOTH get asked “Why are you single?” – as if being single means something is wrong with us.

As if our sole purpose in life should be to be paired up. As if our worth and self esteem should be dependent on whether other people find us attractive.

My body is not the reason I am single.
Being single is not a problem that needs to be fixed.
Regardless of what size you are, your body and your weight is never something that should be altered for someone else.

Society tells you that one of your main goals should be to be in a relationship.
Society tells you if you aren’t in a relationship, you should make all the changes necessary in order to attain one.
Your body included
You are told to change the characteristics that make you stand out, you are told to lower your standards and you are told to change your bod.
Well we are both choosing to rebel against that. We choose to keep our bodies over boys. We choose to chase our goals, not men’s approval. And if we find love on the way, great but for now, we can rely on our own self-love. #ScarredNotScared #RealCovery

PS @amalielee is the perfect account for anyone recovering from an ED
PPS Can you tell I’m only living in bikinis?! My upbringing in Hong Kong was training me for this heat wave ☀️?