Do More Of What You Love

September 28, 2017

Confession time: I spent all of 2016 confused + hating my life. I can’t tell you all the details of it yet, but all of last year I spent questioning the decisions I made + whether the dream I was working on was unrealistic, so much so that, I’d be going to interviews for marketing jobs I didn’t want + social media jobs that I knew I’d hate. I interviewed for a masters in journalism + got brutally rejected by a woman who stared at me as if I was stupid for even applying. I felt completely lost.

So at the beginning of 2017, I made a decision. I couldn’t keep working at my dream with one foot out of the door, so I decided to double down on everything I DID love. Act as if there was no other option for a year and see what happens!

Well last week, the big dream came true. I’m crying as I’m writing this + honestly have been crying nonstop since I found out. Actually on the way to the big dream coming true, I walked past where I got rejected for the masters + came out of the interview sobbing, embarrassed + humiliated.

What’s more amazing is what happened before this dream came true + what came out of that commitment. Since going on holiday, it has hit me how much I do. I’ve only taken away 3 things (mid-day reminders, turning off DMs + not replying to comments) + wow I took that decision seriously! My whole day is filled with body positivity!
This year alone, I started @bodypositivememes + now run both Facebook + Twitter for it (@bopomemes on both). I started the Body Positive Book Club on Facebook (come join! It’s free). I started doing mid-day reminders on my Instagram stories every weekday. I started using Twitter (@ScarredNtScared) + Facebook (Michelle Elman) properly. I made a commitment to myself to make 2 YouTube videos every week + 7 months in, I’ve stuck to it! I write everyday on my blog ( + a bimonthly column for @theunedit + I filmed 3rd installment of #ScarredNotScared that will be out in a month!

I did more of what I love + somehow in 7 short months, created a life that I love AND the wildest dream of mine came true. So thank you! I’m so grateful for all of you being so supportive of all my wacky ideas.