If you are Body Positive, You Don’t Need Compliments

September 30, 2017

“If you are really body positive, you don’t need compliments”
“If you really don’t care what people think, then why do compliments make you smile?” People think that when you become body positive, you don’t like compliments or praise or feedback but that’s not true.

Compliments will always feel good.
Praise will always feel good.
Good feedback feels good.
The difference is you don’t NEED it.
Your self esteem isn’t reliant on it.
Regardless of how much you love yourself, having someone else confirm what you believe is important. We live in a social world and knowing that your fabulousness doesn’t just exist in your head IS nice.

AND it’s a part of self love to learn how to accept a compliment. Do you know how long it takes for women who hate themselves to learn how to say a simple thank you when someone compliments them?
Do you know how long it takes for a person to unlearn the self deprecating crap that we are taught at an early age? The “oh what this? It’s cheap”, “are you kidding? I look shit”, “oh you are just being nice”, I didn’t do that well, I could’ve done better” – the immediate need to reiterate how you are not GOOD ENOUGH in response to a compliment.

So yes compliments are a part of body positivity because it’s human nature to like a compliment, it’s hard work learning to accept it AND people who love themselves compliment others more. FACT.
Only give compliments when you mean it but when you think something nice, take a second to say it to the person. Mean what you say so don’t just say compliment for the sake of it. Your word has value and when you don’t mean what you say, it devalues your sentiments.
Don’t worry about sounding weird if it’s a stranger.
Don’t worry about their reaction, do it for you. Because saying nice things to others will make you happier… Also
It could make their day. #scarrednotscared