Social Media Is Not Therapy

October 3, 2017

Let me preface all of this by saying, this is not addressed to all of you.

In the last month, I’ve seen a massive decline in the amount of respect amongst the community between the followers and the people who run body positive accounts. I am friends with a lot of these women and I’m taking a strong stance today. Enough is enough. I can’t believe it’s got to a point where nearly all want to turn off their DMs + there is someone crying down the phone to me nearly every week. This has to stop. We are human too.

We are treated like we are free therapists. I am trained, I am qualified, I am 5 board accredited but most are not and this is becoming a dangerous trend of using our DMs for your free therapy.

Even in my case, where I am trained, there is a problem. Here’s what you won’t know unless you are trained. The reason why it’s important that you pay in a session is because it involves investment. You are invested in your change. If it’s not payment, they will make you fill in a long form so you’ve made a time investment or give you a task to complete.

So bluntly put, the people DMing me are not invested in changing. You know who is? The people who have gone through all my posts, read all my captions, watched all my YouTube videos + THEN asked me a question.

So I’m setting a boundary – I am not replying to anymore comments or DMs which I have answered in my YouTube videos. I have 200 YouTube videos on my channel and most my DMs are questions I have answered on there if not once, multiple times. I have 56k of you on here and only 1.7k on there so there are over 50k of you who are sending me messages everyday that I’ve already answered by spending my time and energy to upload twice a week. The link is ALWAYS in my bio so click there and see if your question is answered before DMing me. If you can’t be bothered, then I can’t be bothered to answer your DM.

Yes I am a life coach but that doesn’t mean I am your on call therapist. I give out A LOT of free advice, have never asked for money whether it’s via a patreon or selling you anything, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my limits.