Why Aren’t My Scars Always On Show

October 5, 2017

Why are my scars only out in about 10% of my photos?
Because I am more than my scars.
I wear the same experiences that gave me those scars whether they are on show or not.
I still have an invisible illness without my scars being visible.

Same thing with my body. I don’t think the pictures of me are anymore important than the quotes that I do because I value my brain, my thoughts, my words just as much as my body.

Do not confuse my lack of underwear photos as a sign that I’m not totally and completely confident.
Here’s the thing about confidence and body confidence. You do not ever have to prove.

I don’t need to be shouting I’m beautiful from the rooftop for you to see my self love and confidence. It exists and my body confidence is exuded by my mere existence. Anyone who has met me will tell you.

It shows in little moments
– when you take a photo of me and I don’t go to “check it” or to take another
– when you ask me to jump in the lake and even though I don’t have a swimsuit, say hell yeah
– when you ask me to come out at the last moment and it takes me 5 minutes to get ready and I don’t worry about what to wear
– when the conversation of diets come up and I choose not to join in
– when you insult me publicly or body shame me and see how I respond

I believe in those moments. Ive met a lot of body positive people and when you meet them, they aren’t in a bikini, they aren’t talking about body positivity the whole time but they do have this quiet confidence when they aren’t even trying.

So trust me, your body confidence is showing even if you don’t always see it. And years from now, your friends will tell you how much you’ve changed. Or at least, that’s what happened to me. #scarrednotscared