Mental Health Matters

October 8, 2017

Woke up like dis ??

I had something less than pleasant said to me at the weekend and I’m not 100% sure I’m ready to talk about it on here. Shocking how one small comment can unveil a whole load of shit that was just lurking in the back of your brain and rattle your body confidence.

On this page though, I believe in sharing your scars not your wounds and right now it feels like a big gaping wound. It’s sore, it’s sensitive but it’s healing and one day it will turn into a scar and then I hope to be able to talk to you about that experience in full but right now I’m still embarrassed talking about it.
I do this for my mental health. I believe in only sharing vulnerable information with people who have earned the right to hear my vulnerabilities. Whilst 99% of you are lovely, with social media, I can’t guarantee that no troll or hater will find it and when you are in a vulnerable state about an issue or situation, all it takes is one comment to compromise your mental health.

But find someone you trust, who has a proven track record of being trustworthy and make sure you talk to at least ONE person about it. Especially with issues that involve shame, it is ESSENTIAL that you talk about it. The day it happened on Sunday, I spoke to my best friend about it and I went to see my coach @michellezelli yesterday and it’s undone the shame and helped me focus on the lessons I’ve learnt as a result of that experience which actually made me grateful for this happening because it uncovered something I hadn’t dealt with and now is a great opportunity to heal it for good.
But this is what mental health is about. Protecting yourself and your heart when it’s necessary + sharing with the right people when it’s appropriate, managing the issues that come up and doing your best with what you are thrown ? #ScarredNotScared

Wonderful top from @kelseykinsel + @jaicollective in aid of National Alliance of Mental Health – a physical reminder that I’m not alone! And you aren’t either!! (PS not sponsored, just a great top + even better cause)