The Perfect Jeans For People With Scars

November 4, 2017

I have a secret… I wear maternity jeans!

And no, I’m not pregnant. I do however have a number of scars across my tummy that jeans dig into. The difference between above my scar and below my scar is about an inch, if not more so either I had a perpetual builders bum or I would be in so much physical pain with a belt, it honestly wasn’t worth it.

So about 4 years ago, I stopped wearing jeans. I wore leggings and at a push, jeggings until January, when it occurred to me that maternity jeans might work.


When I ordered them, I felt slight shame. After all, I am a size 20 so being confused as a pregnant person is a common occurrence for me that first started happening when I was 13… yes 13! But all that was outweighed (ha…pun) by the fact that I WAS WEARING JEANS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 4 YEARS.

Also no one had to know.
Or so I thought.
I first wore them on a day that I happened to be filming with @bodyposipanda , @amyeloisew, @franhayden and @hopefuleri … and when you are filming, they often lift up your top slightly to put the microphone on your waistband. Well the camera guy, got a shock. And I had a choice in that moment to feel embarrassed or not care. No prizes for guessing which one I chose. So even though I felt uncomfortable at this stranger realising I was wearing maternity jeans I just joked that they were so comfy and kept my belly warm in winter.

Since then, I’ve not looked back.
Forget which part of the store your jeans comes from. If it fits and doesn’t hurt you, then that is the BETTER OPTION.
Forget the connotations of you “looking pregnant”
It works and that’s what is important.
We give all these labels on clothing way too much importance… shop in all sections, whether it petite, tall, small, men’s, women’s, maternity or even children’s.

So yes my jeans come from the maternity section but I’m so happy these jeans exist so my scar doesn’t need to be in pain to just wear a pair of jeans! It’s the simple things really #ScarredNotScared