How Your Fashion Changes With Size

November 6, 2017

The last few days of pouring rain has officially marked the end of summer ☔️ But I couldn’t let summer pass without a tribute to my favourite item in my wardrobe this summer.

Ripped shorts.

I’ve always been a bright dress or florals kind of girl but this summer I was reminded of the tomboy in me. Throughout my teens, I truly believed (and in many ways still do!) that the sexiest outfit was a white shirt tucked into some shorts.

So what changed? My dress size.

Getting fatter meant finding shorts were impossible. They were either knee length and so ugly or they wouldn’t even cover your arse, and for a girl that gets chub rub, that ain’t gonna work. So when I found these shorts, I reserved my excitement and prepared for disappointment that they probs wouldn’t look good when they arrived.

But when they fit and not only that, looked good? To say I was excited was an understatement. You all saw it! The week they arrived, I wore them 5 days straight. (To be honest, I was so worried they would be wrecked in the wash.) Finding these shorts gave me a piece of me that I didn’t know I lost. I am not a fashionable girl, nor do I care to be so how can a pair of shorts matter so much to me? Because when society tells you, you can’t be who you want to be by not supplying certain clothes in your size, it hurts. It’s saying because “you are fat, you do not deserve to feel pretty, you do not get the beautiful things… lose weight and maybe you’ll earn them again”. I don’t believe I have to earn my clothes.
Here’s to my adventure of the travelling shorts. Swipe for pics ➡️ Shorts (UK size 22) and top (UK size 20) are from @boohoo ?
I’m joining their campaign #AllGirls to make sure all women of all races, abilities and sizes are represented. #Ad