I Don’t Edit My Photos

December 5, 2017

I don’t edit my photos.
I don’t put filters on them.
The only thing I have occasionally ever done is turn the brightness up if the photo is too dark.
That’s it.

I’m actually shocked that I have to say this because you would expect it to be the norm amongst body positive influencers. But no.
More and more, I’m seeing even “body positive accounts” edit out the imperfections they aren’t discussing.

Does no one see a problem in editing out your acne in a photo saying how much you love your cellulite? Or slimming down your waist while you tell everyone how much you love your curves?

Your followers don’t know any different. Your followers won’t know you selectively edit things out.

Body positivity should be a safe space where photos can be trusted and airbrush and photoshop aren’t used.
If you don’t like the photo, it’s better that you don’t post it, than post a photo which ultimately isn’t you.

I’ve seen a lot of people say that this is part of the fashion industry or the beauty industry. Well I say, it doesn’t have to be! Isn’t this what we are all supposedly meant to be standing for?
If we are still perpetuating these false images of ourselves and simultaneously claiming how much we love ourselves, then we are part of the problem.

You don’t love yourself if you only selectively accept certain parts of your body.
You don’t accept yourself if you want to change yourself in a photo.
There is no judgement in those sentences, they are just facts.
You can be body positive with insecurities, but just be honest about them instead of covering over them with photoshop.
You can be body positive without being body confident but be authentic and real and just say that!
What isn’t body positive is pretending to look like someone you aren’t!

So when you say “no airbrush” above your photos, it does not mean “only a little airbrush”, it means NO AIRBRUSH. NONE.
Stop lying to your audiences.