It’s OK to Look Tired

December 9, 2017

Why do we try to look like something we aren’t?
Why are we imperfect for simply looking like how we feel?

There was an amazing moment the other day when I turned to @khal_essie having just put makeup on and said “I look tired”. It was a statement, not a judgement, not an insult and she simply responded “you are tired”. Before I went back to Hong Kong, I had been overworked and over stressed and I am human, therefore my face reflects that.
When were we taught this was a fault?
When were we taught to hide this?
When were we taught that looking “tired” was an insult?

I frankly think it’s remarkable that our body reflects how we are feeling. It’s like a level of authenticity, you can’t even concoct. I’m ok with looking tired.

Tired is a neutral word.
When I said I was looking tired, it was a statement.
Essie knew that cause we are both body positive.
Anyone else would’ve rushed to say “no, no you aren’t”… but I am. So what’s wrong with that?
Notice which neutral words you are using to describe yourself that other people automatically turn into a negative or YOU turn into a negative by saying it as a judgement.

Isn’t all a bit counterproductive. You are tired, so you look tired, then you beat yourself up for looking tired, then you are tired from self hating and now you are even more tired ?

It’s ok to be tired.
It’s ok to look tired.
Your face doesn’t need fixing.
It’s ok to look like how you feel.
Despite what society tells you, you don’t always need to be smiling. Also it happens to be #WorldMentalHealthDay and part of taking care of your mental health is knowing you don’t need a reason or an excuse to take a break. #ScarredNotScared