Instagram Diversity In Fashion Event

February 11, 2018

I went to an incredible panel today at @instagram about diversity in fashion held in collaboration with @natashagrazia from graziauk and @rebecca_holman from @thedebriefuk with panellists @freddieharrel and @mariahidrissi . Here are some tidbits from it:
1️⃣ “Be Noisy” is my new favourite phrase. Thanks @evachen212
2️⃣ I learnt that the number of diverse models used has risen from 15% to 30% which means we have a longggggg way to go
4️⃣ In the Q and A section, I asked about tokenism and frankly just voiced my annoyance about being using used as a token and got given some amazing advice so ALWAYS speak up if you have something to say
5️⃣ I was trying to find the precise wording for this quote and looked at the live, and when I asked my question someone commented “If they use you as their token, use them as your Trojan horse” and I thought that was gold
6️⃣ Going to events alone is really not that bad. Of course there are slight awkward moments but most people are friendly and are in a similar boat

You can see more in my stories and in my vlog that will be out 4pm tomorrow! I’m officially on holiday now 🎉 I’ll still be finishing off vlogmas but apart from that… emails off, work off, relaxation on 👍🏽 #DiversityMatters #ScarredNotScared