Everyone Gets Body Shamed

February 15, 2018

Every single person gets body shamed at some point in their life.
So can we get rid of the idea that you are being body shamed because of what you look like?
If that was true then Victoria secret models wouldn’t get body shamed.
But they do, less than a fat person but they still do.
They might be the ideal image of beauty in our society but look in the comments section and damn, the opinions: “too skinny”, “she needs bigger boobs”, “her legs are too long”, “her stomach looks weird”, “but her face”. Bluntly put, if you left it up to everyone else in the world to decide, your body will NEVER be good enough.
So if every single person gets body shamed, then how is changing your body the solution?
Body shame is not about your body.

So what can we do? Become body confident?
Confident and insecure people face the same level of body shame.
Fat women are body shamed more than thin women. That is a fact and not up for debate, but a confident fat woman is body shamed just as much as an insecure fat woman.

But there is something that body confidence grants you: body shame resilience.
Body confidence does not make the number of times you are body shamed reduce but it makes the impact of them less.
Body confidence won’t stop people from being arseholes, but it will guarantee you will spend less time on the arseholes.

AND THAT, my darling, is a worthy reason. Body confidence helped me decide who deserved my time and energy, and trust me… it ain’t the arseholes 💁🏻‍♀️ #ScarredNotScared