Skinny Fat

February 27, 2018

“Skinny Fat”. We’ve heard this phrase used really casually and especially in this “new year, new me” diet season, I’m seeing it everywhere!

The definition of Skinny fat according to shape magazine:
A phrase used to describe people who look fit and healthy on the surface yet, due to a lack of exercise or poor diet, have a slew of health problems.

So basically an unhealthy thin person?

There are so many negative connotations with this so let’s break it down.
1) You can be skinny. You can be fat. You can’t be both
2) Equating the fat in “skinny fat” with unhealthy just emphasises the stereotype that fat people are always unhealthy
3) This phrase came about because of the underlying shock that a thin person can have health problems. It is not shocking. It just isn’t discussed.
4) The fat in “skinny fat” is also referring to health problems. Not all fat people have health problems.
5) The “fat” refers to lack of exercise and poor food choices. Fat people exercise. Some of my skinniest friends have never step foot in a gym. Size and fitness are not correlated. Proof? There are fat Olympians and fat people can eat well too.

So if we are going to persist with this seemingly cute but actually seriously damaging phrase, then I’m creating my own phrase: fat skinny.

Fat skinny: A fat person with good health, no medical conditions, who eats as best as they can and exercises regularly

Sounds ridiculous now?

Just stop using that phrase, cool? K. #ScarredNotScared